JADARA Equipment & Defence Systems Co PSC is a Jordanian military-industrial company, one of the leading companies in the field of development, production and sale of short and medium range anti-tank systems, as well as Opto-Electronic, Night Vision, and Thermal sighting systems for various military applications. Jadara comprises a Scientific Research and Development Design Bureau engaged in the development of anti-tank systems and Opto-Electronic aiming, guidance, and tracking systems, equipped with Test laboratories and a Manufacturing Complex. 

JADARA History

The first serial product which brought worldwide recognition and fame for the Company was the grenade launcher system “Nashshab”, put into service by the Jordanian army first and then succeeded in the foreign market.

On the 30th of May 2013, His Majesty King Abdullah II inaugurated the production facility of the antitank grenade launcher “Nashshab”.

Based on the “Nashshab”, JADARA developed the promising remotely controlled ground QUAD-1 and the mobile QUAD-2, both equipped
with 4 grenade launchers, and advanced salvo firing capabilities.

Furthermore, JADARA also built the capability for the production of the aiming and sighting devices and complexes 1P81, GS-2R with LRF,
the mechanical aiming device, and sight attachments for firing in night conditions NV/A-1 and NV/A-2, introducing the Opto-Electronic production
and technology to Jordan.

The next up to date development program, is the production of the medium-range anti-tank rocket complex JADARA-Terminator, including
the production of the complex Opto-Electronic sighting
and laser guidance set for the system.

The Twin JADARA-Terminator and the Quad JADARA-Terminator mobile combat modules have been developed based on the JADARA-Terminator.
JADARA also produces a sniper rifle J-9 of its own assembly.