JADARA Equipment & Defence System Co. PSC. was established in 2005 as a joint venture between King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB) and The Jordanian Company Al-Motakhasesah for Electronic Services.                                
The Company considered the leading manufacturer of portable, short-range weapon RPG-32 “Nasahshab” with unique specification and high precision. The weapon has the ability to defeat modern heavy-armored tanks and soft-skinned Vehicles as well as fortifications and bunkers.


On 30th May 2013, His Majesty King Abdullah II inaugurated the
Production facility of RPG-32 “Nashshab”.
Why Jadara                                                                                                

JADARA seeks to be one of the leading companies in the field of defense industries in the region by keeping in line with the latest developments on the defence industries.
JADARA is one of the fast growing defence companies in the region. In short time, the company became one of the leaders in production of modern, widely used weapon. Jadara did not did stop at this stage; recently, an RPG-32 day and night sight Factory was established to provide the customers with full package and maximum technical support.  
Also Jadara established a factory for the production of new Hunting Rifle under the name of (J-9) with completely new specification and high precision.