JADARA brings to South Africa Medium Range Anti-Tank Guided Missile System

Jordan's Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems (Hangar 2, Stand CE22) has brought its new Terminator anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) to South Africa following its unveiling in Jordan earlier this year.

Terminator ATGM has a minimum range of 100m and a maximum range of 2,300m and is being marketed with two different warheads, with the missile itself having a diameter of 107mm. The offered warheads are a tandem high-explosive anti-tank, which is claimed to be able to penetrate at least 550mm of conventional steel armour protected by explosive reactive armour, and a high-explosive fragmentation warhead, which can also penetrate 550mm of conventional steel armour, as well as having a fragmentation effect. The missile is laser guided and all the operator has to do is to keep his sight locked onto the target until impact.

In addition to the standard man-portable tripod-mounted version of the Terminator, it can also be mounted on a remote weapon station, with the gunner under armour protection in the hull.

Jadara Equipment and Defence Systems has been in quantity production of the Nash-Shab (RPG-32) shoulder-fired rocket launcher for some years, which was developed in association with the Russian Bazalt company.

In addition to being in service with the Jordanian Army, it is understood that export sales have been made to the UAE and Tunisia.