Day Sight with Laser Range Finder

1. The Modern Day-Sight is equipped with the following units :
          - Laser Range Finder.
          - Temperature and Pressure sensors for measuring
             the environmental readings.

          - Ballistic computer.
          - Control panel of the sight.
          - Unit of the power source.
2. The Modern Day-Sight is equipped with stadiametric reticule
     as a backup feature.

3. The Modern Day-Sight will also be fitted with an adapter
     to install various type of Night Vision / Sights.

4. Automatic calculation of the aiming angle.
5. Automatic movement of the aiming mark to the position
    corresponds to the calculated aiming angle.

6. Weight not more than 2.4 kg.
7. Overall dimensions (without the eye-shade) :
    196x175x122 mm.

8. Optical magnification  x 3.
9. Angular Field of View  17°.
10. Distance measurement of the laser range finder
       from 50 - 1000 m.

11. The following information is displayed within the
       device’s FOV:

          -  Measured distance.
          -  Environmental temperature and pressure .
          -  Type of ammunition.
          -  Battery-low indication.


Note: Technical data and pictures are given for information
                purpose, modifications are reserved, and values 
                are not contractual.